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Are you looking for spiritual growth and are not sure which way to go? Are you looking for guidance but don’t know which way to turn or where to start? Then this is the spiritual course book for you. ‘Believe, A Life Lessons Course Book’ will take you down YOUR path. You will learn that believing, and constantly forming your thoughts on your dreams and all the details involved, that really believing in your dreams, in the end does bring you contentment and happiness. You will see your dreams come true, first in your mind, then later in your life. You will learn to trust and believe in yourself. You will go deep inside to find what you really love doing and who you love being. You will go by what is in your heart and known to be true to you. And no matter what any one else may say you will know your own truth because you will be living it. This course book will help you find your inner self. You will find your peace, first by asking yourself the questions your soul has been asking you, like…who am I? And what is my purpose here? Who do I truly believe I am?
What you believe makes you who you are. It will be comforting and satisfying to find out you are a special wonderful very unique human being just like the rest of us.

Along with learning with me on many of my own daily life lessons in the nine chapters, nine years of my life, there is nine spiritual lessons, nine delicious recipes and nine ‘words about’ on subjects of interest. The nine spiritual lessons are at the beginning of each chapter, starting with: CHAKRAS, which will bring health and balance to your life. DREAMS, which will help you understand your higher self and for nightly communication with your guides. BODY SIGNS, which will point out the bigger life lessons you need to learn, physically, mentally and spiritually. PALMISTRY, which will show your growth and let you communicate with your guides for daily life lessons. NUMEROLOGY, which will help you find the best suited path and help you understand your inner longings. TAROT, which are great for learning deep spiritual grown through hearing your guides talk to you through signs and symbols. You can ask about subjects of interest and the future. TEA LEAF/CUP READINGS, you will learn though trace viewing, and symbols and signs, about your future. I- CHING, which is a 2000 year old way of seeing the future and learning life lessons. FEUG SHUI, which is making your surroundings best suited for your needs. Learning to work the money and love areas of a place, in your favour. Learning about the worlds energy.

And who doesn’t like a happy ending with ‘Our Wedding Trip Across Canada’ by train, story and video. Plus at the end enjoy the cute and funny ‘Squirrel Stories’ and video. Also the beautiful bonus 50 fav’s plus photos and slid show. All this for only 15.00, such a great deal for all you get. Or you can donate what you can afford and get the whole e-book. Have a look at the 7 free things, under introduction for more exciting details.
This spiritual course book will help you find out who you really are and why you are here. Do what you love and have fun.
You will need PDF to do this course.

You will need PDF to do this course.